Message from the Director

The theme for academic year 2022-23 is very befitting. We are living in volatile times and our students are exposed to myriad sources of information. It is important to talk about the meaning of patriotism with them in the present-day scenario.

Loyalty for our country and respect for our fellow citizens are simple but sublime values. We can hope to inculcate these in our students by creating opportunities for them to understand various cultures and accept other’s perspectives on issues, while treating every human being with dignity. This gives patriotism a broader and more relevant meaning. It then becomes a uniting factor. The biggest lesson in patriotism in the recent past is the coming together of people from all walks of life to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Our schools and educators can play a pivotal role in this very meaningful exercise. And the new academic year will bring many opportunities for exactly that.


Vasant Gadhavi


Adani Foundation

Vasant Gadhavi Director Adani Foundation