Empower students to achieve personal and academic excellence, transform them into self-confident, life-long learners and responsible global citizens, rooted in Indian ethos.



Adani Public School is committed to providing a unique educational experience unified with 21st century skills, co-scholastic activities, sports, life skills and values to awaken the innate powers of students and to make them capable of achieving their dreams through self-discipline and self-motivation.

Quality Objectives

✓ To prepare curriculum blueprint and plan academics, assessments, enrichment classes for the
entire year so that no child is left behind.
✓ To use various teaching methodologies and innovative practices to engross students in
teaching learning process whole heartedly.
✓ To provide a platform to develop 21 st century skills & life skills: connections, communication,
collaboration, acceptance, co- existence, empathy, gratitude, celebrating differences, being
honest, empowerment and motivation.
✓ To identify CWSN and establish counselling support for them and help them to live with
dignity along with mainstream students.
✓ To enhance intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of all children through various
activities, events, competitions, sessions, and excursions.
✓ To arrange various cultural programs and celebrations round the year to ensure preservation
of values, culture, and traditions.
✓ To guide the students through career counselling sessions and aptitude tests.

✓ To constantly improve teaching-learning process by enhancing skills of staff through in-
house and external, Continuous Development Programs (CPD).

✓ To maximize the usage of the staff handbook to streamline the data collection,
communication and to bring in accountability and continuity.
✓ To establish a proactive communication with the parents, keeping them updated about every
initiative of the school through circulars, school mobile apps and SMS and ensure an efficient
complaint handling process.
✓ To create positive and conducive environment at the school and ensuring their satisfaction
through feedback and by maintaining healthy, safe, and encouraging ambience.