Primary Section

Our Primary Section consists of classes I - V with a total strength of around 910 students. We teach English, Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit in the language section in addition to the other subjects. The concept of Mother Teacher has been introduced in the year 2020, for class I, where the class teacher teaches subjects other than language, computer and activity classes - like Music, Art and Craft and Library. Also, Cambridge Language Lab is used for the development of English language. We follow the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation suggested by the CBSE. It is a stress free school system.
Some of the main features are as follows:
1. Assessment is done using the rubrics and guidelines provided by the CBSE.
2. Balance between scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
3. Involvement of the learner in the process of teaching-learning.
4. Activity based teaching-learning process to ensure holistic development.
5. Caters to the individual needs and interests of the students.
6. Reflects the child’s achievement profile in the report card.
7. Summarizes the child’s values, attitudes and personality traits in the report card.
8. Conducts regular Parent Teacher Meetings to provide feedback for the holistic development of the students.